Andile Dyalvane of Imiso, travelled to Sri Lanka to spend ten days with an artisanal hand producing ceramics studio. With a view to expanding Imiso’s production capabilities for mass supply to large international retailers, thereby freeing up time for studio development, gallery production and growing their own South African retail presence, they focused on specifically designed ranges based on previous commercial success.

The experience was very fruitful and Imiso will present the results of this development at NY NOW in August 2013 to the most important USA and European retail buyers.



Gone Rural headlined in ‘Interwoven’ at the Platform Gallery, London, an exhibition focusing on extraordinary weaving abilities and new interpretations of this age-old skill. Gone Rural presented the ‘Song of the Weaver’, an extraordinary journey following a family of three generations of weavers with overscaled ‘biography’ baskets produced by a grandmother, her daughter and her granddaughter. The soulful, museum quality baskets, and an incredible photographic voyage of their making, launched the ‘Song of the weaver’ collection, a commercially focused development from the exploration of this ancient art form.